Our Proofreading and Editing Process

Our proofreading process is based on customizing service for each client. Together we determine your goals, not only for the individual project but also for the overall business. In turn, this is shared with the editors on your account so they can understand the important hot buttons. A customized summary of forms is provided to each editor, highlighting specific strategic goals. We have a high level of training and quality control which includes testing, videos and internal reviews to ensure accurate results.  We only work with high-level proofreaders that must pass our screenings. Our proofreaders understand that all materials produced must be Accurate, delivered Quickly and remain Confidential at all times. Our team-based structure with editors dedicated to specific client business ensures consistency and speed.

Our experience in the mystery shopping and marketing industries has taught us to ask the right questions. We plan for spikes and dips in volume with staffing, training and process.  Every client has a manager and a dedicated proofreading team.


Our process ensures that every communication meets the client’s deadline and the 3 C’s:



Is the information truthful
and accurate?



Are the responses to questions and narratives consistent? Is the brand voice consistent with the customer’s guidelines?



Is the message clearly

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